Are you tired of spam? Welcome to the free MAILME service!

Quick Note
At this site you can create a text box for your own page, from which your visitors can send you email. This secures you from spambots harvesting your email address. Check this page (email page for the author of this system) for a sample.

This is a simple project keeping your email account free from spam. Even though you try hiding your email address by typing (at), dot, or even embed it in images, spam bots tends to get smarter and might be able to parse this. You could always make a clever way to hide your email address but if you just want the easy solution, then MAILME might be of your interest!

At this page you can get a free MAILME mail form to use for sending emails to you. You can post the link for this mail form anywhere, e.g. at a public discussion board or on your website, knowing your email will be secure from any spam bots and malicious people. Your email is completely secure and won't been shown anywhere on this site.

This project was started 27. March 2005. It was set to public beta 28. March 2005. Please use this service with caution.

Please post any feedback here.

You can use these logos at your website as links to this site or to your own MAILME form box. You are free to modify them (you can find more here):

120x30  88x25

Click here for more information on this project - Spam-prevention information
You want such a script on your own server? Check out this tutorial.