Are you tired of spam? Welcome to the free MAILME service!

- Integrates well with direct linking from websites
- A 2-minute delay between each email is protecting from flood mails
- Secure you email totally from spam bots, email address gathering persons, and other menaces
- Secure from email form spam bots with CAPTCHA technology
- Minimalist website design with quick overview and fast response
- Hidden anti-spam links for spam bots
- Website works with all major browsers and many minor browsers
- Ability to get mail form on your own page
- Bot protection
- Encryption/hashing on sensitive information

How secure?
The server this site is placed on is being administrated professionally and are under survilance 24/7. All server software are frequently updated and patched. Security on the PHP pages are set as high as possible, and sensitive information are encrypted or hashed (crackers have to wait weeks for cracking a single hash with a pretty powerful computer). If you use both letters and numbers and more than six characters it would be nearly impossible to crack your code with today's computers. But there's always a little risk, so if you don't trust to submit your email address to our servers, I suggest you follow the guide on how to create such a mail system on your own server.

The Creator
I'm a young Danish student with great PHP experience. I created this site because many users of discussion boards, blogs, simple websites, and pretty much everything else online, seemed to need such an option. Any experienced PHP developer can easily put together such a system, but this project is meant to make it as easy as possible. Within two clicks you have your own active mail form! You are welcome to send me feedback here.

Successfully Tests
The website has been tested with the following browsers without errors:
Mac browsers: Internet Explorer 5.2 (Mac) - Safari 1.2.4 (Mac)
Mozilla browsers: Camino 0.8.2 (Mac) - Firefox 1.0.2 (Mac/Win/Linux)
Windows browsers: Internet Explorer 6 (Win)

Dan Schultzer - Project creator, designer, and programmer
Simon Einfeldt - Early beta tester (specially thanks for several minor improvements)
Christoffer Vittrup Nielsen - Proofreader users - Thanks for testing the system

And thanks to all the persons who have tested the beta version!

More Logos and Buttons
You are free to use and modify these images to match your own site:

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If you have a great MAILME button design you want to share please contact me here!

You're more than welcome to donate money to me if you think I deserve that. I'll probably just go use it for a pizza or fun, but you'll have helped making a poor students living a just little more comfortable :-) You might even feel as a better person! The only thing you can expect is a "Thank You", but you might get some few extra features (url-forwarding, css control, eternal database entry, customized email syntax, and other experimental features). However, donating is not a payment to get those features! I will remove the features if they threat security, stability, etc. If you wish to donate, contact me.

MAILME supports...
Get Firefox!   Get Thunderbird!   Spam Poisen
And the great Open Source community!

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