Are you tired of spam? Welcome to the free MAILME service!

Always remember that MAILME is in beta phase. Therefore always use this service with caution. MAILME try to secure all information as much as possible and are using various advanced technologies to achieve maximum security. Despite this, MAILME cannot be held responsible for any loss of data.

Information Security
Information are hashed, encrypted, and secured the best possible way. Please note that information are not encrypted and secured before our server receive them so keep in mind to spyware/virus and firewall protect the computer you use. To maximize security, please be sure that none on your network sniffing your data. Only administrators of our server are able to access the stored database information.

Information Submitted
Any information submitted to our site is secured on our server. MAILME has no rights to sell, rent, or give away your submitted information to other companies or individuals without your consent. You have the right to demand all information stored in our database about you to be removed (does not include logging of your activity on our servers).

Information Logged
When visiting this site, the servers log various information about your computer. This is very common and are done at almost all servers. Information logged is, but not limited to: IP address, referring site, date and time of your visit, and what pages you view on the server.

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