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Spam-prevention information
This page will guides you to get less spam by using MAILME and some other useful tricks.

1. Don't expose your email at any online public places, not even as an image (some spambots are able to parse that as well). Use systems like MAILME.

2. Have two addresses, one for subscribing at online sites, and one for private use. Only give away your private email address to people you trust. Also, make sure the people you give the address too don't keep it stored in Outlook (and other unsecure mail-software) or have a highly secure computer that spyware and virus can't access (though that's pretty much impossible).

3. Make sure your alias isn't something common like John. Some spam bots just try looping and auto generate addresses for a certain domain, and if it has the domain, it will easily find A good idea is to use the first letter from your first name and the three first letters in your surname. If you have a very common first name and surname you might want to use another system.

4. You might also link to spambot destroying sites like or report spam to authorities (or

For more information check out:

Additional Security Tips
These tips are for general security on the Internet.

1. Don't answer or follow links in mails that seems suspicious (like requests of sensitive information). Always double-check the credibility of suspicious mail.

2. Never run Windows (as well as Mac and Unix systems) without a firewall. Also, if you especially run Windows always keep anti-virus and anti-spyware software up-to-date and run them frequently. Use Firefox* as browser if you want to maximize security while surfing on the Internet. Use Thunderbird** if you want to maximize the security in your mail system.

3. On public places, clean the browsers' cache and history before leaving, if you have used sensitive information (e.g. passwords) on sites. Generally it's never a good idea to use sensitive information on public computers.

* There are more secure browsers than Firefox. Internet Explore tends to have too many serious security holes to use safely, but if you do want to use Internet Explore anyway, set the security to max in the settings.
** There are more secure mail clients than Thunderbird, but Outlook/Outlook Express and MSN explorer tends to have too many serious security threats to use safely.

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